Energy Twin – Can ChatGPT help energy engineers?

Using ChatGPT has become a huge trend.  It is supposed to be able to make many professions more efficient – why not energy engineers? We have decided to give it a try and integrate it to our Energy Twin extension for SkySpark.

Energy Twin and ChatGPT

We have been experimenting with various ways of summarizing results provided by our SkySpark extension Energy Twin. After successfully integrating OpenAI API into SkySpark we tried various tests, let’s have a look at two of them.

We know that generative AI cannot provide complex calculations, however, one could expect that summing 12 numbers wouldn’t be such an issue. See the screenshot above, where it provides the correct equation with the (always) wrong result with its usual confidence.


On the other hand, with the same input data, it can provide you with a nice poem. 

We’re still scratching our heads about how to monetise the ability to generate poems about energy conservation.