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Webinar Energy Twin Enabling ML in SkySpark November 8, 2023

Energy Twin Enabling Machine Learning in SkySpark, Practical Case Studies

Joint webinar with SkyFoundry to showcase capabilities of Energy Twin tools.

Conference SkyPosium 2023 - October 10-11, New Orleans

Unleashing SkySpark's Power with Python and Machine Learning

Our CEO, Jan Široký is attending  SkyFoundry’s Skyposium in New Orleans.  This presentation is for the technical track of the conference.

More Than Energy Savings: Specific Advantages of Machine Learning in Building Management

Presentation in the business track dedicated to three case studies that illustrate not only Energy Twin’s tool and services but how machine learning can be utilised in building management.


Tech talk, SkyFoundry's SkyDive series - April 27, 2023

Water, Gas, & Electric Use Forecasting – Applying Machine Learning in SkySpark

Our CEO, Jan Široký, joined SkyFoundry’s SkyDive series for its final episode on 27th April 2023 to talk about using SkySpark’s KPI app to measure building performance using ML model and using SkySpark’s Spark app to visualize when prediction errors occur.

Big Data Alliance online meeting- April 26, 2023


Energy Twin: AI solution for energy savings and predicting energy consumption

Energy Twin joined the Big Data Alliance, a structured collaborative space to solve the practical challenges relating to building lifecycle management by combining data sets and using data analytics, and  attended the 5th Big Data Alliance meeting to introduce ET to the European market. 

Conference SkyPosium 2022 - October 18-19, Washington

Machine Learning in SkySpark

This year, our CEO, Jan Široký attended SkyFoundry’s Skyposium in Washington, DC. One of his presentations, Machine Learning in SkySpark, was more focused on technical aspects.

How Using AI Can Be Beneficial for Your Business - Practical Examples

Jan’s second presentation How Using AI Can Be Beneficial for Your Business – Practical Examples was more business oriented .


Webinar - September 15, 2022

The present and the future of AI solutions utilized in the Energy Service Sector

The first Energy Twin webinar took place on 15th September 2022. The main topic were current AI solutions in the field of energy savings and energy consumption (prediction) forecasting with real case studies, use examples in practice.

Conference - June 23, 2022

2022-06-21 10.27.52

SkyFoundry EU User Conference 2022 in Loughborough

UK SkySpark community was introduced at SkyFoundry’s Loughborough conference in June 2022, where our CEO, Jan Široký, had a presentation about  Machine Learning Applied to Energy Analysis. The event was focused on data-driven changemakers, highlighting features and benefits of SkySpark data analytics software. 

Conference - June 21, 2022

2022-06-21 10.27.52

SkyFoundry EU User Conference 2022 in Eindhoven

Our CEO, Jan Široký, was a speaker at SkyFoundry’s conference in the Netherlands in June 2022 with his presentation –  Machine Learning Applied to Energy Analysis. The event enabled meeting the SkySpark community in Europe and directly engaging with SkyFoundry experts to explore solutions for data applications.



Haystack Connect

In 2021, we were a part of Haystack Connect, where technologists and executives from smart buildings and the IoT talk about the importance of data for increased asset and energy efficiency. Jan Široký, Energy Twin CEO, gave a presentation about the Analysis of tagged energy data via machine learning, illustrating the importance of tags in the energy data processing.