SmartCoil : How Energy Twin helps Real-Time AHU Coils MonitoringšŸ’”

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Exciting NEWS! One of the projects where Energy Twin is developmental partner has launched in October.Ā 

SmartCoil – The First Real Time Monitoring System for AHU CoilsĀ 

SmartCoil by SensibleĀ  revolutionizes the assessment and maintenance of AHU coils by introducing a cutting-edge, data-driven solution. Unlike traditional methods such as visual inspection and pressure drop testing, which are prone to inaccuracies, SmartCoil utilizes a network of strategically placed sensors feeding data to a cloud-based machine learning algorithm. This innovative approach translates raw coil data into actionable insights displayed on the SmartCoil dashboard and compatible BMS systems.Ā 


By providing real-time information on coil fouling levels, capacity, and energy consumption, SmartCoil empowers users to optimize their coil cleaning schedules, leading to significant cost savings and minimized downtime. The Energy Twin team helps with the data analysis and utilises custom models in order to provide a data-driven solution.


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