📊 Simplifying Energy Consumption Forecasting with Energy Twin! ⚡️

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In the energy industry, professionals face challenges predicting and forecasting energy consumption. 

Energy Twin & Long-term Forecast

Forecasting future energy consumption for extended periods, such as until the end of the year, presents a unique challenge that traditionally requires hours spent in tools such as Excel. Energy Twin can help with that – with just one click allowing us to forecast the total kWh consumption.


While we understand the significance of cost savings, precise figures can be influenced by various uncontrollable factors. Nevertheless, our solution sets itself apart with continuous updates to the forecast, leveraging real-time measurements. Through this approach, Energy Twin ensures predictions remain relevant and reliable, providing users with up-to-date information for well-informed decisions, with the flexibility of monthly or daily granularity.




Predict energy consumption effortlessly with Energy Twin and make data-backed decisions to overcome challenges and achieve efficiency.


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