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Energy Twin is an AI solution for energy savings and predicting energy consumption

Meet Energy Twin

Energy Twin is a machine learning solution for energy consumption analysis, designed to identify problems and reveal the potential for future energy consumption savings and optimization.
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Energy Twin benefits

ESCO experts' time savings

Energy Twin can analyse and predict data on many buildings in parallel, saving a lot of time for ESCO experts.

Reduce building operating costs

With its precise analysis model, Energy Twin reveals new potential for reducing consumption and dramatic cost savings.


Case Studies

These case studies accurately illustrate the possible practical benefits of machine learning for HVAC operation. Thanks to ET, a significant potential for energy savings was found and fully exploited during subsequent modifications of the building management system resulting in successful savings in energy consumption and building operation costs.

What our clients say

Meet our team

Our objective is to improve energy efficiency through state-of-the-art tools and algorithms. We have over 10 years of experience with mathematical modeling of energy consumption and various HVAC appliances. Our team consists of 5 professionals who will provide you reliable support for the Energy Twin. Moreover, we can also offer the development of a custom machine learning solution, if needed.

Team Leader
Project Manager
Martin - Machine Learning Specialist
Energy Specialist